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Artist Information

Thursday’s Child is a community of unsigned, emerging artists, a team of art buyers, a full-service production company, and a licensing platform. Globally, we partner artists with clients to create brand content across fashion, beauty, sports, and lifestyle advertising. Everyone on Thursday’s Child can tap into our team for production support and license their work through our bespoke licensing platform. We can also support one-off client billing and contract negotiation.

We Do:

  • Artist Showcasing
  • Production
  • Licensing
  • Contracts & Fee Negotiation
  • Skills Workshops
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Cultural Calendar
  • Thursday’s Child Foundation

We Don’t:

  • Act as your agent
  • Dictate what work you do
  • Take from your fees
  • Stop you from signing with an agency

What Does Thursday’s Child Offer?

Our community has more than 300+ artists working across photography, motion, and digital,  including you. It’s ever-evolving and adapting. No contract locks you into us, and you can leave at any time. You should see it as a stepping stone in your career journey rather than the destination. Alongside being presented to clients when briefs come in, the community benefits from workshops, collaborative partnerships, and other resources, all free of charge.

The TC website is made up of four sections that reflect our services to artists and clients: Artists (where we showcase our artists), Productions (where a selection of our work can be seen), Licensing (where you can browse work available to license), and Community.

The Community section is where we celebrate the work you all do, while sharing industry opportunities from our creative community further afield (think: exhibition opportunities, film festivals, awards, workshops, and more). We spend a great deal of time pulling these resources together, so use them.

We are not anyone’s agent, and we can never guarantee work for anyone in the community,  but our team is working behind the scenes every day to open opportunities for the community.  We believe in new ways of working which allow artists the freedom to make their own career moves while connecting with people, producers, art buyers, whoever, who can be in your corner if you need them – and vice-versa.

We are a community for those who are not currently represented. If you decide to sign to an agent, please just let us know. We will be happy to see you continue to progress in your career,  no hard feelings, and the door is always open if you decide to return. Unfortunately, you can’t be on TC while signed.


Artist Showcasing

Alongside showcasing your work on the site and our IG, when a client comes to us with a creative brief we find the best artists for the project and produce creative decks to propose artists we believe best answer what they’re looking for. We then handle contracts, fees, etc. The Thursday’s Child community is always our first stop when looking for artists for briefs. It’s important you keep us up to date with your work, any new projects, areas, and city relocations, so we can keep you in mind for the best possible jobs.

How Do I Apply?

You can register with Thursday’s Child by completing the registration form. All submissions are considered personally by the Thursday’s Child team. If your submission is successful, a producer from Thursday’s Child will contact you to let you know. If you are not successful we will endeavour to let you know by email and offer feedback where possible. It might be we like some of your work and ask to see more, or want to keep track of how you’re developing. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by submissions and it’s not possible to get back to everyone personally, but we will try.

Negotiation, Contracting & Billing

We can handle fee and contract negotiations and billing on your behalf to offer a protective layer between you and your client. The shoot does not need to be produced by Thursday’s  Child. This means we will arrange a contract for you with your client/s that you are invoicing.  There will be a 20% handling fee added to the invoice (this doesn’t come out of your fee) and is charged to the client. The job would need to be confirmed with clear billing information (pre agreed rate, exact usage, shoot location, client job number, full client address, and contact details) and our role would need to be communicated to the client by you. Payment terms are  15 working days after receipt of monies from the client. All requests will be assessed on an individual basis, so please get in touch directly before confirming with a client that we will handle this.


We offer full-service production assistance to all artists on Thursday’s Child. This means you can lean on us if you need production assistance for commercial jobs of a certain size (get in touch to discuss). You won’t be charged for this service, a 20% handling fee is added to the invoice which the client pays.


We have a bespoke licensing platform – 100% operated by Thursday’s Child. Our collection curates the freshest photography, innovative motion, and visionary digital art, bringing incredible and often never-before-seen work to our clients, agency partners, and brands. Our latest offering in the Thursday’s Child universe presents new connections to our community of artists, to develop greater visibility with brands, generate new revenue across placements,  and extend their visuals into new editorial and commercial avenues. Thursday’s Child Licensing welcomes every artist in our community to join us, to build and showcase your new and archival work and create potential new licensing opportunities. You can register interest in licensing your work through us here.


Workshops, Meetups, Partnerships, Etc.

We offer a programme of free workshops and collaborative partnerships (like our NFT collection with, local meet-ups with the team, fellow community, and clients, and more. Previous workshops have included The Art of Self-Promotion, Working with Brands and  Agencies, and Navigating the Gallery System as an Artist, with ex-MC Saatchi Art Buyers,  Sarah Williams and Mimi Gray, Head of Special Projects at Park Pictures and ex-Commissioner at NOWNESS, Shelley Jones, and HERVisions Founder, Curator, and Artist,  Zaiba Jabbar. All workshops are free for the TC community to join and you will receive details by email about upcoming events. We also have a Thursday’s Child Discord channel so you can communicate amongst each other.

Cultural Calendar

We spend a great deal of time looking for new opportunities for artists and post these daily via Thursday’s Child’s Instagram Stories. These are updated regularly on the Thursday’s Child website as part of the Cultural Calendar.

The Thursday’s Child Foundation

We have set up the Thursday’s Child Foundation, the charitable arm of Thursday’s Child’s Global, as our commitment to advancing equity and diversity in the creative industry through stipends,  grants, access, equipment sponsorship, and more. The Foundation responds to the global need to break industry barriers and transform cultural norms.

Community Census

It’s important for us to come to you with opportunities that suit your needs and wants but also to get to know you better. We have over 300 artists in the Thursday’s Child community, based worldwide. This is why we’ve created a community census that you will each receive.  You do not have to complete this, but it really does help the art buying team understand your skillset and, more importantly, who you are and what you want to represent through your work.

The Team

Executive Producer (Paris and London):

Digital Manager (London):

Head of Curation (London):

Head of Licensing (Los Angeles):

Community Coordinator (London):