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Anna Chocholi

Digital Creator
The Hague

Anna Chocholi is an independent digital artist, 3D animator, and filmmaker based in the Netherlands. As a digital artist, she uses her painting background to explore new perspectives in visual storytelling. Her style is hypnotic, surreal, and transversal. Inspired by art-house cinema, fashion, and science, she uses CGI and generative image to create virtual narratives, otherworldly VFX, and animated music films.

Anna has collaborated with music artists like Upsahl, Janus Rasmussen, Stimming, Eydis Evensen, Anomalie, The Crystal Method, and Iggy Pop. She has also worked with music labels such as Sony music, XXIM Records, Insomniac, and Ultra Music. Her work has been awarded in animation and music film festivals around the world and featured in Rolling Stone Magazine amongst others.

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