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Elizabeth Renstrom

New York

Elizabeth Renstrom is a Brooklyn-based artist working across photography, video, and installation. She researches, sources, and fabricates environments that highlight and juxtapose key objects and people to illustrate the pitfalls of commercialism.

Her arrangements open up a safe space to reflect on the past, examine the effects of nostalgia, and play with identity. Saturated and prop-driven, Elizabeth uses also humour to investigate feminism, how we use images, and how we craft our identities in relation to pop culture. While her projects vary, they are linked by a fuzzy, hyper-feminine veil that hides something slightly sinister. 

She has extensively published in The New Yorker, The New York Times, TIME, Instagram, and Vice. Prestel UK published her first book, Carnal Knowledge in 2020.

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Elizabeth Renstrom