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Fran Gomez De Villaboa


Starting as a Queer boy born and raised in an Andalusian big Catholic Family in a town called Rota, Fran always had a huge interest in fine art and photography but wasn’t allowed to study it: “somehow I managed to study graphic design”.  In his mid twenties he moved to London, where he is still based, and made of photography his medium.

“My career so far has been a journey of self-discovery from the start, which took me to capture among many things, quotidian moments and everything that sorrows human behaviour and the experiences within. It is a projection and interpretation of humanity, mental health, equality, and real-life that becomes surreal.”

“I would love my most personal art and my community based work to have a stronger impact in our society. So far I have been the winner of portrait of Britain two years consecutive only submitting LGBTQ+ portraits. My ethic is to portray and more vulnerable, ethical and kinder world for everyones mental health.”

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Fran Gomez de Villaboa