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Ivory Campbell

Filmmaker / Photographer

Ivory Campbell is a London-based artist working in film, photography, and writing. She focuses on exploring dreamlike qualities in the every day combined with natural scenery and elements.

In the last year, Ivory has been rooted in art and culture, working with musicians, artists, and communities worldwide to tell their stories. Her main focus is travelling to underrepresented destinations and creating articles and photographic essays. Ivory’s travel story ‘The Madagascar Diaries’ followed residents of the southeast African country’s capitals, coastal towns, and fishing villages, was featured in i-D. Her most recent travel story, ‘Oaxaca: A Technicolor Daydream’, which documented the culture and colour of Oaxaca, was recently published by Teeth Mag. Other notable features include work with Fred Perry, P.Magazine, Nataal, and SLEEK Magazine.

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Ivory Campbell