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Nik Gundersen

Digital Creator

Nik Gundersen is a CGI generalist and visual designer at the forefront of fashion, technology, and luxury. With a keen eye for art and design, Nik’s work traverses two distinct paths. Collaborating closely with the fashion industry, he brings immersive digital worlds to life through product and set design. Utilising cutting-edge 3D and AI technologies, Nik crafts intricate, technologically advanced sets that challenge the viewer’s perception of fashion and technology.

Additionally, he leads a talented team in the creation of complex animations, seamlessly blending character design, animation, simulations, and set design. Constantly embracing new technologies, he pushes the boundaries of the digital fashion space, creating captivating visuals that defy expectations.

Nik’s portfolio showcases the transformative power of art in the digital age. From captivating product renders to innovative advertising campaigns, his work merges fashion, technology, and luxury, redefining the limits of the digital realm.

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