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Zahra Reijs


Born in 1992, photographer Zahra Reijs discovered her passion for capturing life’s moments early on, shaping her into a visual storyteller. After studying at the Amsterdam Photo Academy, she refined her skills working for Netherlands biggest newspaper, adopting a documentary-style approach.

A transformative collaboration with artist Sevdaliza birthed projects blending reality and fiction, delving into personal narratives. Her ‘Verse Vruchten’ series, begun in 2017, celebrates Rotterdam’s diversity through vibrant market scenes. Reijs’ inaugural book, ‘Dear Future’ (2022), shines a light on Generation Z’s bold individuality, earning her the Zilveren Camera | Paul Peters award in 2023 for its profound impact.

Besides personal projects, Zahra works for a wide range of music artists and editorial/commercial focussed projects.

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Zahra Reijs