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Dafe Oboro is part of a new show at London’s Royal Museums Greenwich

Lagos-based director and photographer Dafe Oboro is one of seven artists exhibited in Our Connection To Water at London’s Royal Museums Greenwich. Dafe’s series of images “Pour Me Water, Pure Water”, made in collaboration with Water Aid, explores the essential, everyday ritual of bathing. 

Speaking on the series, Dafe said: “This serves as a tribute to local workers around me here in Lagos, from the mechanics to the plumbers and the bricklayers who I see taking their baths, with their shorts on, behind parked buses. These people don’t necessarily have quick access to a running tap, but they always find enough water to bathe with and not having water at all will ultimately deny them the right to wash after a long day’s work”.

It will be the first time the work is exhibited in London. Details can be found here.

Congratulations, Dafe!

Dafe Oboro