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‘CIÓN MAMI’ and ‘Cuerpo’ feature in the official selection at Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023

Big congrats to two New York-based filmmakers Kam Kordez and Dayan Rivero on having their respective films selected for the Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023.

CIÓN MAMI‘ by Kam Kordez tells the story of three ethereal trans sisters making their way through a hectic city to a meeting point of harmony and celebration, with striking fashion and characters placed throughout. The film captures the essence and community of the trans community, as well as the character that comes with such strong individuals. Keep an eye out for Kam who features in the film!

Cuerpo‘ is a visual essay by Dayana Rivero that’s made up of a photography, text, and a film. In collaboration with PhotoVogue, Dayana explores the statement of the female form while engaging with the viewer in a defiant way. Women manifesting their sexuality as a memory that’ll live on forever instead of a moment of objectification. Dayana also made body imprints as the literal and figurative act of leaving a mark.

Good luck to both artists!

Keep an eye out for the winners and nominees during Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023 12th – 19th June 2023 here.

Kam Kordez
Dayana Rivero