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Suleika Mueller raises funds for #Hashtagwhatnext

In light of recent political developments in Uganda that target the LGBTQIA+ community of the country, digital project ‘My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness‘ has set up an emergency print sale in aid of the organisation #Hashtagwhatnext.

The project said: “The print sale will run for one month, and all funds raised after printing and shipping will be donated to #Hashtagwhatnext which is an organization that raises funds for bail for detained LGBTIQA+ individuals; moving to safer locations; Organizing and funding emergency shelters in Uganda; Costs for medical treatment and court fees;Travel costs and visas for those leaving the country & Establishing an emergency shelter in South Africa.  All prints for sale on this website are subject to copyright.”

Thursday’s Child photographer Suleika Mueller has donated a piece of her work which is available to purchase here.

Thursday’s Child filmmaker Kam Kordez features as a model in work by New York-based photographer Ramie Ahmed which can be purchased here.

Suleika Mueller