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‘The Ridiculous Run’ highlights the lengths women have to go to for safety

Thursday’s Child is proud to have partnered with Adidas to produce ‘The Ridiculous Run‘, a film highlighting what it takes for women to feel safe running at night after a study reveals 92% of women are concerned about their safety when they go for a run.

Adidas said of their study: “The research demonstrates the need for change in both attitudes and action when it comes to women’s safety when running – finding that while 62% of men recognise the issue, only 18% believe the responsibility lies most with men to help women feel safer when running. That’s why adidas created The Ridiculous Run, to drive greater awareness of the realities women face every time they go for a run, and to encourage men to educate themselves on the issue and learn more about allyship. From wearing one headphone, to loose clothing, fellow runners, bikers and skaters in an all-out protective crew, the film explores how ridiculous a run must become for women to feel safe, and calls on the community to help change the current reality.”

You can watch the film here.

Thanks to Runner’s World and Business Insider for the write-ups!

Juanita Richards