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Thursday’s Child artists & alumni win PhotoVogue x Levis exhibition

Congratulations to Thursday’s Child artists for winning a feature in the global PhotoVogue x Levis digital exhibition.

PhotoVogue collaborated with Levis to launch ‘Your 501® Story: The Exhibition‘, a competition in which 150 storytellers were able to share their story through exploring the power of the original blue jean.

Thursday’s Child photographer Imraan Christian, and Thursday’s Child alumni photographer Delali Ayivi (as part of TogoYeye duo with artist Malaika Nabillah) both received the $10,000USD top prize for their respective stories ‘Eldorado Olifant‘ and ‘Denim Dreams‘.

Sackitey Tesa Mate-Kodjo, Tirtha Rabin Lawati, Raphaël Gaultier, Aart Verrips, Tśele Nthane, and Arden all feature in the exhibition.

Artist images are below in chronological order.

Imraan Christian
Delali Ayivi
Sackitey Tesa
Tirtha Lawati
Raphael Gaultier
Aart Verrips
Tsele Nthane