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Thursday’s Child Group Show Celebrating Unity

The Open Call for submissions to Thursday’s Child’s debut exhibition has now closed. The curation team has been astounded by the submissions and are now working through the selections process for the final exhibition.

The show is being curated by Ashleigh Kane and Daphne Milner, with assistance from Matt Martin, co-founder of Photo Book Cafe in London. The exhibition invited the Thursday’s Child community to contribute work that inspires empathy and understanding and submit standalone work that offers a glimpse into what unity looks like today.

Unprecedented global challenges have marked the last decade, but it’s also been one of extraordinary solidarity and hope. The show will examine themes of collaboration, community, and interconnectedness.

It will seek to answer questions such as: What aspects of our shared humanity can anchor us in times of division? What are the threads of unity that foster a sense of common purpose? And what are the stories of resilience and solidarity that contribute to collective hope and fortitude?

What’s Next?

Exhibiting artists will be contacted by Monday, 26 February. We will notify you upon successful selection, and request the high resolution file.

The Exhibition takes place from Thursday, 14 March, to Sunday, 17 March 2024 at the Photo Book Cafe in London, EC2A 4DQ.

We look forward to beginning the curation process and working with some of you to bring the exhibition to life. We’ll see the rest of you there!

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and submissions.